Vehicles In Production Program at Subaru of El Cajon


Ask us about the VIP (Vehicles in Production) Program at Subaru of El Cajon today! If you're not seeing anything on the lot that strikes your fancy, look no further than our VIP Program to build your perfect vehicle. It only takes a few minutes, allows you complete customization, and allows your custom vehicle to move to the front of the production line!

Get the exact vehicle you want!

You pick the interior and exterior colors, the features and the technology. Now you don't have to buy from the new or used inventory that is only on the lot. Why? Because YOU deserve to have the exact vehicle you want! Because you are a VIP customer!

Move to the front of the line!

All VIP Program vehicles move ahead of production orders at the factory. Yes, that's right. Why wait for inventory to arrive in drips and drabs, one car here two cars there. And when the cars start coming in, what are the chances that they are going to have exactly what you want? Well, that chance is very slim.

Lock in current prices!

Don't pay tomorrow's price, get your best price now. Inflation is coming and is going to affect everything from pop-cycles to vehicles. So if you wait, you'll be paying more later. VIP Customers can lock-in at today's current price.

You'll love being a VIP, Vehicle In Production, customer.


Here's how it works... 

1) Build your car in the convenience of your own home. Click here if you'd like to build your new 2022 Subaru today

2) Print-out the vehicle details of the exact car you want and configured online.

3) Call us at (866) 553-7087 to make an appointment with a trained Sales Consultant. Your Sales Consultant will review your order with you to make sure everything is correct. Then they will enter your order and give you an estimated delivery date.

For real, it's that simple! With our VIP program, you're only three simple steps away from your next new vehicle. What are you waiting for? Get the car you've always wanted today!

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