Sharing The Love

Sharing The Love Musical Comes Alive

Subaru of El Cajon is always looking for great ways to help the community! With most performances and artisans in San Diego out of work due to the circumstances of the pandemic, we were able to collaborate with the Performance community to create a short musical all about finding hope in the midst of troubled times. You can watch the full version on YurView now through August 8th at select times! 

We are so proud to announce recent winnings from the Oniros Film Awards, New York including: 
  • Best Musical 
  • Best Acting Ensemble 
  • Best Producer 
We also won top marks from the Best Shorts Competition for:
  • Award of Merit 
  • Award of Recognition 

It's All About H.E.A.R.T.


Full movie with Behind the Scenes special:

Coming Together

Some sneak peaks of behind the scenes for the filming of Sharing the Love. For even more, check out this article.



Sharing The Love came about at a time when all creative people were yearning to get back to work and create. The question was, how do you get a 30 people cast and crew together and create a Hollywood-style musical with an original script and music during a pandemic  - and on a total budget of $20,000? 


Luckily, a close colleague of ours at Diversionary Theatre, Matt M. Morrow, talked with me about creating the musical film project that I wanted to produce.  Matt then connected me to Stephen Brotebeck, who became our director and we were on our way. 


Stephen, the Director said, "Most of my career has been as a director and choreographer of stage musicals. Directing a musical film had been on my list of things "to do" for a very long time." 


"Finding the time and right project had never happened. That changed in March of 2021. I knew from our first meeting that Randall shared a similar passion for creating art. I also was impressed by his background in media. The connection between us was strong and I sensed a new collaborator and friend had come into my life," Brotebeck said.  


I presented the idea canvas, as they say, to Stephen and he saw the idea, but the canvas was pretty much blank when he came on board. It was up to us to find the right mixture of artists to help bring this particular piece of art to life. One of the fun parts of my job as a producer is bringing people into a project and while this piece was rehearsed and filmed in San Diego, it was a bi-coastal effort.  


Our writing team of James Olmstead and Omri Schein straddled both coasts with James in New York City and Omri in San Diego. The band and all of the backup singers rehearsed and recorded in NYC while the cast and crew were strictly San Diego based. While the story centers around three friends looking for an escape from their "pandemic blues," there are a host of other characters that join along the way. Many patrons of San Diego theatre will see some of their favorites pop up throughout the film. 


The time frame for this film was short! We originally started with four days of shooting, one day to record the vocals in the studio, and just a handful of rehearsals. And we almost did it in that truncated schedule. As always happens though, reshoots and adjustments were necessary, but by the time we got to that part of the process, everyone on board was having a such a good time that the cast and crew were eager to keep going so we could get it just right. And that is what I took away the most from this project: joy.  

Inevitably, on any project there are stressful and sometimes contentious moments. I don't remember them if they happened on this project because I just remember the fun, laughter, and creativity that flowed on set. We are excited to "Share The Love" with everyone and I guarantee you will finish Share the Love with a smile on your face and a new thought about the power of friendship and love.   


Thank you and enjoy Sharing the Love, the Musical! 

Randall Blaum 

Executive Producer 


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