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It's easy for all of the busy aspects of your schedule to distract from the need for occasional maintenance on your vehicle. Most drivers know how important maintenance is but forget to book their next oil change or let a tire rotation slip by, thinking it really can't hurt to skip things now and then. While your vehicle may continue to perform normally when skipping that service visit, you could be impacting its future performance. Think of the money and time you spend on maintenance as an investment that will hold off expensive repairs and help you avoid breaking down.

Keep Your Oil Clean

Synthetic oil really helps Santee area drivers to extend the time between oil changes, keeping the typical rate to around two per year for average mileage. If your Subaru requires synthetic oil, it'll be listed in your owner's manual, or you can discuss your vehicle's needs with your technician. Keeping your oil fresh gives you immediate results, from heightened performance to less fuel consumption as your engine works more efficiently.

You'll enjoy the long-term benefits of a regular service routine for years to come, because clean oil also keeps abrasive elements like dust and metal burrs from grinding down delicate engine parts over time. If you're planning on selling your Subaru in the near future, prospective buyers find a meticulous service record a big selling point.

Stopping Power

It's hard to imagine driving without working brakes, but if you skimp on brake maintenance, it could come down to exactly that. Changing brake pads is one of the most common brake repairs, but there are other ways to keep your braking system running smoothly, like refreshing the hydraulic system with brand new fluid or bleeding trapped air from lines where it doesn't belong. Your brakes form the basis of your vehicle's safety system, helping you to avoid collisions or to maneuver around La Mesa precisely.

There are definitive warning signs to warn you that it's time for brake service, like a spongy pedal that refuses to fully engage the brakes. This is a sign requiring immediate action. Your vehicle will need repairs and should not be driven until a technician gives the all clear. Your brake pads allow some leeway, growing progressively shriller in their warning that they need changing and giving advance warning that allows you to book an appointment at your convenience.

Tire Rotation

Everything rides on your tires; you can't expect smooth performance from tires that are underinflated, and you can't expect reliability from tires with worn tread. Some of the time, a simple check of pressure or tread is all that's needed for tire maintenance, which is easily accomplished as part of a routine car washing. You will need to have your tires rotated periodically so they'll all wear at an even rate and help you avoid the conditions that lead to a blowout. You can also have your alignment adjusted occasionally, which will also help your tires to wear at an even rate.

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It's our privilege to help keep your Subaru ready for your next adventurous outing or busy work week. If you need advice on the appropriate oil to use or the ideal tire rotation schedule, we're available to help you come up with a service plan. We put people first, so we want to make sure you're happy with your service every time you bring your vehicle into our service center. We also use OEM from Subaru so you'll always know that any repairs will match factory quality.

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